How to get Ramadan-ready in 30 minutes or less


Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, Ramadan is upon us again.

We thank Allah for letting us reach Ramadan in good health and we ask Him to forgive and have mercy on those who did not get to witness this Ramadan with us.

I want to quickly share a plan that I’ve used for years to prepare for Ramadan.

To write out my plan, I use my Passion Planner, or the Notes app on my iPhone. You can use a plain notebook or any writing app that works for you. If all you have is a piece of paper, please use it! A rough plan is better than no plan at all 

I start by dividing my plan into three broad categories:

  1. Du’a lists (4 sub-categories)

  2. Ramadan goals (3 sub-categories)

  3. Eid plans (2 sub-categories)


This is the one category that I love re-visiting every Ramadan. I go back to my previous year’s plan and edit the du’a lists, and it’s so humbling to see what mattered so much to me at the same time last year, what’s been answered, what’s a work in progress, and what is no longer a burning need/want.

I divide my du’a list into 4 categories:

1. Dhikr – I sometimes get lost in my daily stuff and forget to keep my tongue moist with dhikr all day, so seeing this as the first category makes me get on it for a bit before I start going trough the actual du’as. This subcategory is for morning and evening adhkaar, tasbeeh, and istighfar. It’s a great daily reminder since I use my plan everyday.

2. Du’a for myself – This is where I write down some du’as from the Qur’an (I made you a printable for this). I also write down general du’as for my studies, marriage, health, deen, parenting, finances, jannah, qalbun salem, homeschooling, hifdh, knowledge, protection from shaytan and forgiveness of sins).

3. Du’a for family, friends, and the ummah – I write down some du’as from the Qur’an (I made you a printable for this). I also write down du’as I want to make for other people in my life like my parents, siblings, husband, kids, colleagues, and the muslim ummah. I also write down names of friends/family who I know are struggling with one thing or the other so that I remember to make special du’a for them.

4. Dream du’a – for this category, I write down my top 5 du’as I want to keep on repeating throughout my days and nights, through Ramadan and beyond. I like to keep these short and to the point so that I can easily memorize them and say them in sujood, before I break my fast, and between adhaan and iqamah. These are usually my most pressing du’as.

In Ramadan of 2017 for example, I asked Allah to guide me to my calling (and subhanAllah 3 days after Ramadan, it clicked that my calling was somewhere between deen and psychology, so I signed up for a Psychology course after which Sisters Flourish was born!).

And in  Ramadan of 2014, I had Qur’an lessons and a part time job on my du’a list. 2 months after Ramadan subhanAllah, I was working a part time job which I loved and attending Qur’an classes part time (both of which I knew nothing about before I even started making the du’a!). Those were my most pressing needs at the time and that’s why they were on my top 5 dream du’a list.

Yours can be different of course – just make sure they’re specific. For example, instead of asking Allah to help you understand the Qur’an, ask Him for a MEANS to understand Qur’an. Or even better, ask Him for an awesome Qur’an teacher. And instead of asking for better health, ask Him for a personal trainer or for the perfect weight loss plan/diet.


This category is more about how I plan to spend my days during Ramadan, in a way that’ll benefit me in dunya and akhirah inshaAllah. So I divide this into Ilm, Ibadaat, and Qur’an.

Note: I don’t include the other day to day things like my blogging plans, or my iftar and suhoor menu – I have separate planners for those. However, please include anything you want to! This is really the world’s most flexible plan  I’m just sharing what works for me to get you thinking about a plan for you, that’s it.

Ok, back to Ramadan goals…

1. Ilm – I choose a video series or podcast series or a book, etc, to focus on improving knowledge during Ramadan. This year I’ll be listening to some series on the Podcast app inshaAllah.

2. Ibadaat – I think of what actions I can do during the day like calling 1 family member, giving charity, teaching someone Qur’an,  etc

3. Qur’an – I choose how much of the Qur’an I’ll read at what time(s) and where.

In the past, there were some years when I could easily read the Qur’an cover to cover, but it’s not a realistic goal for me right now. And that’s ok. Walhamdulillah alaa kulli haal.

If it’s a realistic goal for you, go ahead and grab the ajr! You need it! However, I think it’s important to set realistic goals and to recite the Qur’an with the intention of reflection/tadabbur, barakah, reminders, heart softening, guidance… may Allah purify our intentions ameen.


It makes sense to get stuff ready before eid, especially with kids. I’ll be spending eid with my parents, 8 siblings, 2 kids and extended family this year inshaAllah. So yeah, I need a whole category to plan this one!

1. Gifts – Eid gifts for my siblings and kids friends, our relatives, and people at the masjid for the eid prayer (I plan to just have the kids distribute some sweets/dates after the eid prayer inshaAllah)

2. Decor – Any decorations to be used for eid should be bought before Ramadan starts or at least  before the last 10 days.

3. Clothes – If you’re in Nigeria, you know the tailor struggle  try to get this sorted out early to avoid last minute panic! Again, this should be done before Ramadan starts or at least before the last 10 days.

May Allah make this your best Ramadan yet!

Note: this is probably the one blog post that I didn’t plan ahead, so I wrote it in such a hurry. I hope it made sense to you! If not, please leave a comment or send me an email :D:D

Please remember me and my family in your du’a 

P.S. Click HERE to download your du’a list printable.

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