Hey you! (Yes, YOU!) We need you!

I’ve been thinking a lot about one message I’ve heard and read over and over again.

The message is about how the world needs you, your message, your perspective, your story, your talent, etc.

Before I get into it, I want you to think for a second if you agree.

Do you think the world needs YOU and your message/story?

Like many people, I heard that message for years.

Most times, I ignored it because I didn’t feel like I had anything to give. Other times, I tried to write down what I was good at, etc, hoping to finally find my talent.

But I still was sure that I had nothing to give the world.

I told myself that I didn’t have a story or a message or anything special in me to share.

“There’s nothing special about me. What message? I don’t have any value to add to anyone.”

That was the story I told myself over and over again.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably told yourself that story too.

From where I am now, I look back and I realize… maybe I was right. There was nothing special about me.

I say this not because I didn’t know my story or message, but because my definition of value/story/message was based on other peoples stories/messages. I based my beginning on their end.

There are so many people in the world doing amazing things and honestly, I used to feel (and still feel) so little compared to them.

That was my first mistake - comparing myself to others.

I’m guessing that’s your first mistake too.


After I started studying the Qur’an and positive psychology, decided I wanted to try something different.

I decided to set up Sisters Flourish and to take up my own tiny little space in the internet world, and to give others and myself a safe space to learn and grow.

I haven’t yet gotten close to where I want to with Sisters Flourish yet (yet being the keyword *wink), but I’m happy I let go of the expectation I had on myself to be a certain way and to have a certain type of story.

If you ask me what my story is, I honestly still don’t know :D

Who says you have to have a story anyway?

What I have is a sincere intention to see my sisters, flourish! :)

What I also have is a tiny spark inside me that believes that I may just be able to give something valuable to those sisters of mine, a.k.a you - in the form of blog posts, online courses, and live workshops.

And this intention + tiny spark is part of what keeps me going.

So many other things of course have kept me going, alhamdulillah. I will reserve that for another blog post (maybe one that may just end up staying in my head :D)

I want to ask you now…

What do YOU have to give?

Is there anything you can bring to the table, no matter how little?

It’s interesting that the world needs all sorts of people whose value-adding is clearly identified - doctors, engineers, nurses, imams, cleaners, babysitters, gardeners, mentors, teachers…

But the world also needs needs people who encourage and inspire and motivate.

The world also needs genuine and authentic people. Generous and kind people. Funny and loving people.

Do you agree?

We need these people because some of them help us on our journey through life, while some of them teach us… (btw, even the people who hurt us, teach us).

I’m sure there’s a part of you that knows/feels/believes that there may just be that one tinly little valuable thing that you can give us, even if it’s just a smile, a kind word, a heartfelt du’a…

As long as it’s from a good place, we’ll receive it from you again and again with wide arms and an open heart <3

Know that sometimes it’s fear that holds you back, which means your focus/language should change from “I don’t have anything to give” to something like “I will find a way to deal with my fears”.

Also know that sometimes, you just need to spend some time with yourself to dig deeper and find yourself.

Side note + truth bomb: Most people don’t dig deeper because they don’t have time. If it’s important to you, you will make the time.

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